The attention span of human beings has fallen from 15 seconds to just 8 seconds over the last 5 years. Now, more than ever, marketers need to rely on impactful, authentic, engaging and on-brand visuals to grab that attention. It's absolutely essential to hit the target with your visual assets, and if you don't, your competitors will.

Hook Interactive optimizes your brand marketing engine, ensuring quality, collaboration, access, and centralization for all your visual assets. By filling a consulting role within your marketing department, Hook seamlessly works side by side with all internal groups that are in the trenches on projects and ensures your visual assets are optimized to the highest degree, with a keen eye on saving you precious marketing spend.


Visual & Creative Asset procurement

Hook is adept at producing on a global scale, offering production film services for video; lifestyle, styled, and silo'd photography; and motion graphics and animation. We can also strategically produce, pick, and place the right assets in the proper advertising, social media, or marketing channels. Hook will implement strategic goals and measure impact.

Visual Asset management

All those images and assets... who in your company knows how to access them when they need them most? Hook is adept at facilitating the building of a Digital Asset Management system (DAM) so your entire team can access the right assets at the right time. Experts at rights usage management for photography, talent and video.

Creative eye

A skilled creative eye can help you determine which visual assets are right, and more importantly which ones are wrong for your brand. A seasoned eye is a rare skill and Hook can help pick out unique lines and styled images that put your brand on top. You'll have an expert eye to contribute to the conversation of final visual asset choices.

A brand steward builds strength

Hook serves as the visual brand steward for your business, able to help cross-functioning teams use these valuable assets and break down marketing silos that interrupt the bigger strategy. We bring unparalleled network contacts in the advertising, branding, production and creative agency arenas.

Understanding audience diversity

Boomers, Gen X, Gen Y, and Millennials are all unique targets, Hook understands how each generation represents a different approach and relevance for your brand. Strategic approaches are necessary to reach across generational purchasing and advocacy platforms. Adept at social strategizing in today's ever-changing branding world.

cost management experts

Hook can help prioritize and precisely allocate your organization's marketing spend. Having worked on production, agency and client sides, Hook has a clear understanding where the numbers should fall. Able to maximize marketing dollars to get best-in-class assets on any marketing budget.


Looking beyond today and into the years ahead, the importance of impactful, compelling and relevant visual assets will only grow. Today, almost 50% of marketing executives believe that more of their budget should be allocated to the acquisition and creation of compelling and unique visual assets that exemplify their brand. Hook can help you maximize the value of that spend by streamlining the visual decision making and procurement process, and by building a strategy for successful team collaboration within your organization.